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Welcome to GISH PICKS: CURATED CULTURE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS! I’m Sarah Gish, an info-preneur and culture sleuth who finds the unusual and cool in Houston each and every week. Join me as I shine a light on Houston gems and unique Houston fun. I love Houston and want to show you the people and the places and the events that make it great (see more about my wishes for that here). And I want to make it easy for you so I sort through the cornucopia of events offered in our wonderful city each weekend and I PICK only three each for families and adults to recommend to you. That way you’ll be all set when Friday hits! Speaking of Friday, please join me for my weekly PICKS-ON-WHEELS in my Phoenix Rising Art Car. Each Friday at noon, I’ll be at a different cool place – meeting people, introducing what they do and their mission, and wandering around. It’s my way of bringing GISH PICKS to life! Tune in on Fridays at noon here. It is TOTALLY fun and I’d love for you to see them and join in by liking and commenting!

We are the most diverse city in the country, not only because of the over 100 languages spoken here every day, but also because of the diversity of events offered and places to hang our (cowboy) hats. Please be sure to tell your friends about GISH PICKS – the more people who know about these unique cultural events, the more unique cultural events the organizations will offer us. Please also tell the orgs that I sent you. My business grows by word of mouth so I thank you for your continued support. Here’s to many more years of GISH PICKS!

A note about the social media for GISH PICKS: please LIKE our Facebook page for family PICKS and our Facebook page for adult PICKS. Be sure to click “See first” in the dropdown menu on the LIKE button so you won’t miss a post! And please follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll get all my CULTURE PICKS and more that way. And there’s one last way to stay in touch with me! I organize many events, such as labyrinth walks and workshops, so if you’d like to be informed of those before everyone else, please subscribe to my Gish Creative list here.


As I wrote last week, this Saturday, May 6, is “World Labyrinth Day,” organized by the Labyrinth Society. As promised, I have a list of Houston events as a PICK, below. For a list of Houston area labyrinths, check my website and for a list of labyrinths around the world, check this World-Wide Labyrinth Locator, which is maintained by two national labyrinth organizations, the Labyrinth Society and Veriditas. If you’re looking for peace and a new way to meditate, I suggest you try labyrinths. Join the Houston Labyrinth Walkers Facebook group to stay up-to-date on all things labyrinth and for a list of our local events.

And also this Saturday, it’s time to vote across the state (see more about the local elections and early voting, going on now, here and info about Harris County here – be sure to enjoy the snazzy photo of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart!). The Houston Independent School District/HISD is on the ballot again with Prop 1, the school finance referendum. A ‘yes’ vote would hand over roughly $100 million in property taxes to help fund education in property-poor districts elsewhere in the state. A ‘no’ vote would lead to billions of dollars’ worth of commercial property being detached from HISD’s tax base. I’m not going to tell you which way to vote – you can research it on the web. Good luck deciding!

Speaking of HISD, they recently created a new K-12 Fine Arts Department and appointed Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School principal Wenden Sanders as the head. He will provide leadership, support, and direction to ensure that all HISD students have access to a high-quality fine arts education; see more about that news here. Isn’t that exciting?! The creation of this new department is a direct result of our new Superintendent Richard Carranza’s “Listen and Learn” tours, where he heard repeatedly about the need to further develop the fine arts at all grade levels in HISD schools.

Have a great weekend, love one another, please share this, and please go IGNITE YOUR LIFE!

Picks for Kids the Weekend of May 5-7, 2017
Picks for Adults the Weekend of May 5-7, 2017

Houston Dragon Boat Festival


This Saturday, May 6, from 8:30am-5pm, the Houston Dragon Boat Festival takes place in Allen’s Landing in downtown Houston. This free and very lively event features races all day long, plus lots of activities for families and everyone including traditional lion dances, Chinese yo-yos, Korean Farm Dances, and art cars.

World Labyrinth Day


This Saturday, May 6 is World Labyrinth Day and we’ve got three events for you to enjoy. Join Sandy Sparkle Castillo from 10am-noon as she leads a cultural meditation tour and labyrinth walk at Rothko Chapel and the UST labyrinth. Next, join me for art-making and a labyrinth walk from 1-5pm at Grace Episcopal Church. And finally, join COREdance for a community labyrinth walk at 5pm at the Rothko Chapel.



This Sunday, May 7 from 10am-2pm, there will be a Piñatafest in the East End, celebrating the ancient cultural tradition of piñata-making with many free family-friendly activities, including community piñata-making, an exhibition of large-scale sculptural piñatas, mariachi music, and more.

Chalk Walk


This Saturday, May 6 from 8am-2pm, support artists making art and visit the Chalk Walk in Friendswood at the corner of FM 2351 and FM 518, close to the Friendswood Frame and Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to walk the block of stores near the frame shop to observe the chalk art and help raise fund to create a city-wide Public Art Project in Friendswood.

Earth Day celebration


I am so in love with beautiful newly-remodeled Levy Park that I not only made it the focus of this week’s VIDEO PICK but it’s also a PICK by itself! It’s a lovely space that is perfect for relaxing – with kids, dogs, friends, business associates – anytime. They’ve got comfy chairs, large trees that provide shade, a dog park, kiddie play area, and lots of activities including free yoga and photography classes.

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.....Requiem


Christopher Higham and Michel Muylle of C + M Presents are pleased to announceGoodbye, Farewell and Amen.....Requiem,” a retrospective exhibition of 17 of the artists they have shown over the past five years. This is their final show, which takes place this Saturday, May 6 from 5-10pm at Spring Street Studios. There will be music by Jo Bird, food+drinks, and the artists will be in attendance.

Natural Awakenings May 2017 Issue


Please enjoy my monthly installment of articles in Natural Awakenings Magazine about my IGNITE YOUR LIFE! project (see page 15 for the article). For May, I focused on the fifth way to ignite your life: “Listen to your heart.” We’re given two ears and one mouth for a reason: listening is more important than talking! I hope you will read the article (here) and then find ways to listen to your heart daily. If you’d like to see my full list of the “12 Ways to Ignite Your Life,” please click here.Ignite Your Life!” is an art project and community campaign I started in honor of my brother Geoffrey Gish, who died of alcoholism in 2004. Through this project, I ignite lives and create connections so that people will not give in to addiction, depression, isolation, and anxiety.

Heights Theatre


Please enjoy this month’s GISH AT THE MOVIES column in Local Houston Magazine. I focused on two Heights-centric filmsThe Kid,” a remake of the Charlie Chaplin film of the same name by teacher/filmmaker David Heck and Houston Heights,” which is a cinematic love letter to the Heights by filmmaker and director of 14 Pews Cressandra Thibodeaux. Both films have a connection to my friend Bart Truxillo, a preservationist and visionary extraordinaire – sadly, he died a few days after I sent my article to my editor. I’m happy I was able to memorialize him in that small way.

GISH PICKS: CURATED CULTURE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS is a free weekly email in which I cull through the HUNDREDS of events offered in our city each week and PICK just three for adults and three for kids to recommend. It’s #GishPicks #CuratedCulture to help you plan your weekend! I know many of you go to events based on GISH PICKS recommendations; PLEASE remember to tell the organization that you are there because of us. Word-of-mouth like yours helps our business to grow. In the same spirit, please also feel free to share GISH PICKS with friends and families.

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The purpose of GISH PICKS is to help Houstonians become aware of all the interesting and unique things they can do in Houston and the surrounding area. Exploring your city is a great way to #IgniteYourOwnLife and we are so happy to help you do that. Please do give me feedback and ideas, as you are out there in the trenches also looking for interesting things and I want to hear what you find.

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