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Welcome to GISH PICKS: CURATED CULTURE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS! I’m Sarah Gish, an info-preneur and culture sleuth who finds the unusual and cool in Houston each and every week. Join me as I shine a light on Houston gems and unique Houston fun. I love Houston and want to show you the people and the places and the events that make it great (see more about my wishes for that here). And I want to make it easy for you so I sort through the cornucopia of events offered in our wonderful city each weekend and I PICK only three each for families and adults to recommend to you. That way you’ll be all set when Friday hits!

Speaking of Friday, please join me for my weekly PICKS-ON-WHEELS in my Phoenix Rising Art Car. Each Friday at noon, I’ll be at a different cool place – meeting people, introducing what they do and their mission, and wandering around. It’s my way of bringing GISH PICKS to life! Tune in on Fridays here. It is TOTALLY fun and I’d love for you to see them and join in by liking and commenting! AND – lucky you, I’ll be posting them here as my weekly VIDEO PICK when I can.

We are the most diverse city in the country, not only because of the over 100 languages spoken here every day, but also because of the diversity of events offered and places to hang our (cowboy) hats. Please be sure to tell your friends about GISH PICKS – the more people who know about these unique cultural events, the more unique cultural events the organizations will offer us. Please also tell the orgs that I sent you. My business grows by word of mouth so I thank you for your continued support. Here’s to many more years of GISH PICKS!

A note about the social media for GISH PICKS: please LIKE our Facebook page for family PICKSand our Facebook page for adult PICKS. Be sure to click “See first” in the dropdown menu on the LIKE button so you won’t miss a post! And please follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll get all my CULTURE PICKS and more that way. And there’s one last way to stay in touch with me! I organize many events, such as labyrinth walks and workshops, so if you’d like to be informed of those before everyone else, please subscribe to my Gish Creative list here.


It’s spring and a time of re-birth and eggs and fun! If you celebrate Easter or Passover – happy blessings to you! There are a couple of kiddo-n-egg events I PICK-ed so check those out below if that interests you. It’s a busy time for parents as we get ready for end-of-school activities and SUMMER! If you need summer day camps for your kids, doncha worry – I’ve got you covered. Check out my guide, THE SUMMER BOOK® ONLINE: A GUIDE TO HOUSTON DAY CAMPS AND CLASSES FOR KIDS & TEENS at the easy-to-remember website, You can search through over 200 camps by age, area of town, cost, and much more. There’s a camp for every child, every age, every interest! If you’d like more information about summer camps, I’ll be at the Children’s Museum first Wednesday “Mommy Mingle each month – the next one is next Wednesday, April 4 from 10am-noon. I’ll have lots of fliers and events information and I’d love to help you out!

I wanted to draw attention to my OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST section of GISH PICKS because I’m not sure you look there and I would love for you to do that each week as there are always interesting things that I PICK! This week I’ve got information about a Holotropic Breathwork™ Workshop that is the weekend of April 13-15. Participants will learn about a unique breathing technique and experiential process for accessing deep calm and deep wisdom – perfect in these chaotic times! You’ll also find information about the Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon on Monday, April 23. This year’s honoree is the amazing Angela Blanchard, President Emerita of BakerRipley and a globally-recognized expert practitioner in community development, disaster recovery, and effective long-term integration for immigrants and refugees. She spearheaded Harvey relief for Houston and did an amazing job!

Have a great weekend and please love one another, please share this, and please – go IGNITE YOUR LIFE!

Picks for Kids the Weekend of March 30-April 1, 2018
Picks for Adults the Weekend of March 30-April 1, 2018

Czech Center Museum Houston


The Czech Center Museum Houston is hosting an afternoon of special Easter activities this Saturday, March 31 from noon to 3pm. Staffers at the Museum will show kids the secrets of creating perfect painted eggs with their egg painting artist (yes, that’s a thing!) Just prior to that, kids will go on a unique egg hunt within the museum. The hunt is at noon, the egg painting is from 12:30-3pm.

BOOKS2EAT Celebration


Books2Eat is an international festival that takes place annually on April 1, the birthday of French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. WIVLA (Women in Visual and Literary Arts) is celebrating it with a local Books2Eat Celebration this Saturday, March 31 from 5:30-8pm at the Printing Museum. There will be edible books on display and it will be an evening of eating words!

Easter Orange Hunt & PEEPS Art Contest


It’s time for the annual Easter Orange Hunt & PEEPS Art Contest at the Orange Show this Saturday, March 31, 10am-1pm. They’re hiding over 4,000 eggs in Smither Park (across the street from the OS) and you can bring your super cool PEEPS art to be judged (there are prizes for winners!) All the details are on the event page – please note that parking is now at 2334 Gulf Terminal Drive.

The Other Side


Juxtapose Arts Collective brings together artists of all walks of life to create new pieces, including dancers, musicians, actors, painters, photographers, and filmmakers. They are presenting The Other Side” tonight (Thursday, March 29) through Saturday (March 31). They promise a stimulating evening of classical and contemporary dance that embodies all things not here on present Earth while toying with concepts of Space, Spirits, Ghosts, Zombies, and anything not "normal." Shows are at the MATCH.

Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long


This Saturday, March 31, 8-10pm, Discovery Green is hosting their super fun “Screen on the Green” event – this time it’s a “Beauty and the Beast” sing-a-long (I love those!) Get there early for good seating and to enjoy contests and activities. Picnics, kids, and leashed dogs are all welcome and you can buy food and drinks at the Lake House.

We are Proud to Present a Presentation…


We are Proud to Present a Presentation… is an intriguing play ending this Sunday (April 1) at Stages Repertory Theatre. Here’s their description: “When six well-intentioned actors gather to rehearse a presentation about a historical tragedy, they slip from joking comradery into conflict as they confront their own hidden fears. How do you tell a story when only one side survived to leave a record?”

Holotropic Breathwork-Houston


Go deep and get centered with a weekend workshop (April 13-15) presented by Holotropic Breathwork-Houston. Holotropic Breathwork™ offers a specially designed musical journey that works with your breath to access deep self-exploration and healing. It may be unlike anything you've ever experienced! The Holotropic Breathwork Workshop takes place at Luna Recovery Services, 5757 Woodway Drive.

Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon


On Monday, April 23, join the Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon; this year’s honoree is the amazing Angela Blanchard, President Emerita of BakerRipley and a globally-recognized expert practitioner in community development, disaster recovery, and effective long-term integration for immigrants and refugees. Dr. Stephen Klineberg will kick things off by presenting his celebratedKinder Houston Area Survey,” the longest-running study of its kind in the nation.

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