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Welcome to GISH PICKS: CURATED CULTURE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS! I’m Sarah Gish, an info-preneur and culture sleuth who finds the unusual and cool in Houston each and every week. Join me as I shine a light on special gems and unique Houston fun. I love this city and want to show you the people and the places and the events that make it great (see more about my wishes for that here). And I want to make it easy so I sort through the cornucopia of events offered each weekend and PICK only three for FAMILIES and three for ADULTS to recommend to you. That way you’ll be all set when Friday hits! If you’re new here, please read below for more about this blog and then check out my PICKS for this weekend, further below.

Have a great weekend and please love one another, please share this, please GO.FIND.FUN. wherever you can, and please – go IGNITE YOUR LIFE!


This week I’m not even sure what my thoughts are, other than: WOW. We are living in craaaazy times with the Coronavirus Disease 2019. We all know about it and many of us live in fear of it. But I am going on with my life, washing my hands frequently (just like I’ve been doing since kindergarten - well, maybe a wee bit more these days) and respecting people’s touch-o-meters. I don’t hang out with sick people, and won’t let anyone hang out with me if I get sick (remember: not all illness is the virus!). And so life goes on. I know there are changes to our world landscape (in our own homes, and in homes far away) and changes to events and happenings on an hourly basis, but I hope you can hang on and not let fear be your guide. Educate yourself constantly. Hug people if your heart tells you, stay home if you’re nervous. And rest assured organizations are doing all they can to keep us safe. It’s a brave new world, but we’ll all get through this together.

I'll be at Children's Museum this Saturday (March 13) and look forward to hanging out with parents chatting about this GISH PICKS blog and especially Spring Break! To give you a sneak peek of my convo, be sure to check my PICK below about camps that are happening next week. And St. Patrick’s Day is next Tuesday so you can enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, highlighted in my PICKS below. And, lastly, my VIDEO PICK this week is a run-down of the Houston Ballet’s season...enjoy it and see what is coming up! And then check out my PICK about them below.


We are the most diverse city in the country, not only because of the over 150 languages spoken here every day, but also because of the diversity of events offered and places to hang our (cowboy) hats. Because of that, I decided back in 2004 to start sharing my adventures in Houston and my knowledge of it with others via GISH PICKS. And, since 2016, I have been bringing it to life with my PICKS-ON-WHEELS Facebook Live segments in which I travel around our city in my Phoenix Rising Art Car. Stay tuned here for more details! My adventures will sometimes be posted as my weekly VIDEO PICK in this blog.

A note about the social media for GISH PICKS: please LIKE our Facebook page for FAMILY PICKS and our Facebook page for ADULT PICKS. Click “See first” in the dropdown menu on the LIKE button so you won’t miss a post! And please follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll get all my CULTURE PICKS and more that way. And there’s one last way to stay in touch with me: I organize many events, such as labyrinth walks and workshops, so if you’d like to be informed of those before everyone else, please subscribe to my Gish Creative list here.


Please be sure to tell your friends about GISH PICKS – the more people who know about these unique cultural events, the more unique cultural events the organizations will offer us. Please also tell the orgs that I sent you. My business grows by word of mouth so I thank you for your continued support.

And, last but not least: this blog is free to you, my dear reader, but it’s not free for me to produce. I pay my designer and I spend many hours researching, compiling, and writing GISH PICKS each week. If you have an event you’d like me to PICK, please email me and let’s see how I can help. With me on your team, you’ll reach thousands of Houstonians in a quick-and-easy way!

Picks for Kids the Weekend of March 13 - 15, 2020
Picks for Adults the Weekend of March 13 - 15, 2020

Spring Break Camps


Spring Break (March 9-20) is here - either you’re in the middle of it or you’re about to enjoy it! So I decided to do something a little different this week and give you a round-up of local events you can enjoy that Houston First compiled (here) and my Spring Break day camp round-ups (here and here). This is a great city in which to enjoy a “stay-cation”!

Houston Ballet


I love David Bowie so was excited to see that the Houston Ballet is presenting a dance to his music (“Pretty Things” featuring the men of the Houston Ballet) in their “Forged in Houston” program onstage through March 22.  The show also features pieces honoring Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin. Use promo code 4631 for a terrific buy-one-get-one-50%-off deal!

Discovery Green


Bank of America’s “Screen on the Green” is happening on select Saturdays once a month at Discovery Green, and this Saturday, March 14 at 8pm (pre-show fun starts at 6pm) they are unspooling “Shazam!” Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old foster kid who can turn into the adult Superhero Shazam just by shouting out one word-SHAZAM! Bring your blankets and your picnics and have a blast under the downtown skyline.



FotoFest Biennial 2020 is here through April 19 and if you’ve never experienced it - get your running shoes on and a full tank of gas! FotoFest’s central exhibition is “AFRICAN COSMOLOGIES - Photography, Time, and the Other,” a show which explores artists from the continent and its global diaspora, linking notions of blackness untethered to the specificity of geography or chronology. There will be lectures, film programs, artist talks, curated shows around Houston, and more. Most events are free and open to the public.

Houston St. Patrick's Parade Commission


This Saturday, March 14 at noon, head downtown to the 61st annual Houston St. Patrick’s Parade, one of the largest in the country featuring over 100 entries all dedicated to the wee-yet-mighty country of Ireland. Dress in green and get there early for a great seat. It’s a joyous event for the entire family!

Cultural Service of the French Embassy


Each year in March, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston coordinates the French Cultures Festival (FCF) in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. A celebration of the diversity of "Francophonie,” it brings together people who not only speak French, but also those who are interested in the culture of France. A full schedule of events is here; this weekend you can see the shows “Duck á l'Orange” and “Alegria.”


I offer intuitive "Life Path Sessions" most Mondays at Body Mind & Soul ‪from 11am-5pm and I would love to help Y-O-U. If you are wondering what to do with your life, whether it’s in the personal realm or the professional arena (or both), I will serve as your Life Path Guide. One session is all you need to get ignited! I use my intuitive skills and my many years of reading people to help you FOCUS - on you, your dreams and desires, and how to manifest them. And if you don’t know what your passions are, I will guide you in discovering them. I also help people who are struggling with ANY kind of issue they may encounter along life’s path: grief, relationship problems, work troubles, etc. My goal is to help people listen to their heart and to connect with sources of inspiration or guidance or support. Sessions are $100/hour and $50/thirty minutes and take place at the store - 7951 Katy Freeway. Call them at713.993.0550 to book an appointment. I also do Life Path Sessions by telephone - we can connect from anywhere, anytime! Call me at 713.492.1173 for more information about that service. Please note that the fee for sessions by phone is the same.

Sessions are $100/hour and $50/thirty minutes and take place at the store - 7951 Katy Freeway. Call them at ‪713.993.0550 to book an appointment. I also do Life Path Sessions by telephone - we can connect from anywhere, anytime! Call me at 713.492.1173 for more information about that service. Please note that the fee for sessions by phone is the same.

For more about my personal, family, and business enrichment company, Gish Creative, and the services we offer, please click here. You are on this list because I thought this e-newsletter would be helpful to you or because you signed up for it. Please feel free to tell your friends to subscribe by clicking here. My goal is to serve as an information resource for Houston kids and adults through my various endeavors, including:

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